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“I tagged the studio on Facebook AND I recommended you guys as well! Here’s one of the photos I posted it’s Luigi with his cousin Mary…it was her dad’s face you repaired!
As you can see he’s VERY pleased!!”

Patty & Luigi

“After years of not seeing a good image of my great grandmother, it’s magical to see her come to life! Thank you.”

Color Restored Photo Restoration

Patrice Collins

“So glad I found this place, they did an amazing restoration. Portrait by Patsy Watt”

Pritchett Studio Photo Restoration

Pritchett Studio Photo Restoration
Patricia Watt

“As for choosing you for the restoration – after what you did with the previous image, there really isn’t any comparison.

I continue to be impressed with your work. The recent work you did for me is excellent. The image was returned to me about how I expected it to look.

That image is of my grandmother and it was taken about 1935.”

Pritchett Studio Photo Restoration

Pritchett Studio Photo Restoration

“Got the first mailing of pics today. WOW…what a great job….THANK YOU! Please send originals when you can. Although I was not able to make it to your studio I know I will eventually get down your way. I plan on stopping in to meet you and thank you in person for doing such a great job! ….great work deserves praise. Thanks again!”

Color Restored Photo Restoration

Color Restored Photo Restoration

“Hello Pritchett Studio,

I would just like to thank you for the amazing restoration on the picture. It looks beautiful. The new picture’s colors are so vivid. Looking at the original picture, it was so faded. If I didn’t know it was a restoration, I’d think it was an original.

You should advertise the restoration aspect of your company more. I’m already getting it framed and I know my cousin will love the restoration.

Thank you,
P. S.”

Color Restored Photo Restoration

P. S.

“I was very impressed by your work. I could have sworn that the original photo was clean and clear and unfaded, but after seeing how you cleaned it up and brought out the contrast and all the shades of gray in the b+w photo I stood corrected.

We displayed it at my sister’s wedding in October–she got married in the Grand Hall, which used to be St, Mary’s church–the same place my parents got married back in the fifties. She was delighted to be able to display your enhanced photo for her wedding guests.
I will definitely use your studio again for future photo restorations, and will recommend you to everyone.


Pritchett Studio Photo Restoration

Tim Palucka

“Your beautiful restoration work brought my mom to tears. Thanks again….you guys did a fantastic job! Also, Everyone was astonished by the restoration.”

Pritchett Studio Photo Restoration

Old Family Photo Restoration

“Just a quick note to say how happy Diane and I are with the restoration work you (Pritchett Studio Photo Restoration) performed on her grandmother’s portrait.

From start to finish, this has been a positive experience. The final product is stunning and will occupy an honored place in our home. If any potential client should ever require a reference, feel free to send them our way.”

Pritchett Studio Photo Restoration

Pritchett Studio Photo Restoration
Dennis & Diane Myers

“The Pettibon photo that you restored and reproduced was not my first restoration project. I’ve had some work done locally and have used a studio in Illinois (Chamberlin Restoration) on occasion but neither matched your level of quality or service.

I was not at all pleased with the quality last two restorations Chamberlin performed and I felt that their fees were excessive. I have attached a photo of my great grandfathers funeral, taken October 1, 1919 by Anthony Studio of New Castle. The original 8″ X 10″ image was in no worse condition than the Pettibon photo and I was charged $331.00 for the restoration and one 11″ X 14″ print. As you can see, the results are not that impressive. I have half a mind to have it redone sometime in the future.”

Pritchett Studio Photo Restoration

Pritchett Studio Photo Restoration
Mike Colella

“I looked at many ads for photo restoration, and I’m so glad I chose Pritchett Studio.  They beautifully restored a photograph of my parents at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles in 1956.  My parents are deceased and the famous hotel has been torn, so the photograph is one we cherish.

They were able to reproduce the photo as well as restore it, so now my sister and I each have a copy.”

Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles in 1956

Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles in 1956
Jan McMannis

“I just had to write and tell you, actually there aren’t words to describe, how excited my entire family is about the wedding photos you restored and printed for me. My California son was blown away.

My local d-i-l, the original requestor, posted the one of me in my wedding dress on Facebook with the following comment: “this is what Lindsay will look like when she gets married.”

Lindsay, my granddaughter (11) looks just like me.  The picture of me with my dad brought back lots of ‘dad’ and ‘grandpa’ memories and comments.  We’ve had so much fun with these photos.

Thanks for the great work.   I’m sure I’ll be knocking on your door again one day.

Happy New Year to both of you, I hope you have a happy and healthy year.”

Pritchett Studio Photo Restoration

Pritchett Studio Photo Restoration
Susan Ritchie