Proper restoration requires a high resolution professional scan in order to maintain the highest level of quality, therefore we prefer to scan your original photo ourselves. We will analyze and give you an immediate estimate of cost and time. Generally we ask for three weeks, but do ask if you need the finished work sooner.

Please give us a call or e-mail for an appointment locally.


Based on the size of the original photo.

Photos smaller than 5 x 7 in. $10.00 per photo
Photos 5 x 7 in. & 8 x 10 in. $15.00 per photo
Photos 11 x 14 & 16 x 20 in. $30.00 per photo
Photos larger than 16 x 20 in. $50.00 per photo


All restoration is done digitally, your original photo will not be altered.

We will analyze your original photograph and put it into one of three categories; Minor Restoration, Moderate Restoration, or Extensive Restoration. However, there are photographs that are damaged beyond the extensive category, particularly images that have parts of people missing, or that require re-construction of complex backgrounds. These will be priced upon examination. Some photographs are damaged beyond reasonable repair.

Minor Restoration

$35.00 per photo

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Minor Restoration includes fading, small areas of discoloration, and minor damage to small background areas.

Moderate Restoration

$65.00 per photo

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Moderate Restoration includes signicant fading and damage to areas of the background that require re-creation of parts. This includes minor damage on faces not including eyes, mouth, and nose.

Extensive Restoration

$125.00 per photo

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Extensive Restoration includes torn areas and creases, large areas of water or mold damage, reconstruction of parts of facial features, and small missing parts of photos.

Your restored files can be archived on a CD for $4.00


All printing is done on archival semigloss paper or 100% cotton textured fine art paper as per client request. Only archival pigment based inks are used.

Semi-Gloss Paper

4 x 6 in. prints $6.00
5 x 7 in. prints $7.50
8 x 10 in. prints $11.50
11 x 14 in. prints $17.50
16 x 20 in. prints $28.50

Fine Art Paper

4 x 6 in. prints $7.50
5 x 7 in. prints $10.00
8 x 10 in. prints $14.50
11 x 14 in. prints $26.00
16 x 20 in. prints $40.00

Just making copies of your photos still include scanning, minor restoration & print cost fees.


We accept payment by cash, check, Credit cards and PayPal.

Checks should be made out to (pritchett studio)




Gift certificates in any amount can also be purchased to redeem at a later date.