Where can I park?

Street Parking is available on Fourth Avenue but is limited during business hours.

Recommended Parking Garages:
Wood/Allies Garage 228 Blvd of the Allies, Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Ft. Duquesne and Sixth Street Garage 126 Sixth St, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Please visit Pittsburgh Parking Authority for a list of all downtown parking.
Please visit Port Authority of Allegheny County for bus listings.

What are your hours of operation?

We are open Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm.

Exceptions to this are common, when busy we work weekends and extended hours Monday through Friday.
Call or email to schedule an appointment. 412-232-3844

Do you work on the original photo?

We never work on your original photograph. All photographs are digitally scanned and only the scanned photograph is worked on.

Because proper restoration requires a high resolution professional scan in order to maintain the highest level of quality, we prefer to scan your original photo ourselves. We will analyze and give you an immediate estimate of cost and time. Generally we ask for two weeks, but do ask if you need it sooner. Please give us a call or e-mail for an appointment locally.

Any scan requires minor restoration, therefore, the minimum restoration fee applies.

What forms of payment are accepted?

We do not accept Charge Cards at this time.

Forms of acceptable payment:
We accept payment by cash, check, credit cards and Paypal. Checks should be made out to (Pritchett Studio).

Should I call before my appointment?

Since we are a small business we want to make sure we don’t miss you when you drop by. Please call 412-232-3844 before you stop by or before your appointment to ensure we’re there to greet you.

Should I take the photograph out of the frame?

Pritchett Studio Photo Restoration is not liable for any damage that may occur to your original photograph during the transportation of, de-framing of, or scanning of a photograph. We will gladly gently remove a photograph if still in a frame but want you to be aware of our policy. If a photograph is removed, we can not guarantee we can re-frame the photograph after completion. We highly recommend hiring a professional framer in these cases.